If your student is college bound, this module offers step-by-step guidance for navigating the college path with confidence.
To help your student navigate the college path well, this module will help them:
  • Learn how to consider a major, research schools, narrow down options, and make a decision.
  • Understand the process of applying to preferred schools.
  • Navigate the ins and outs of scholarships, grants, loans, and the FAFSA.
  • Discover what's next after college acceptance, including choosing and scheduling classes, navigating campus, and processing through housing and textbook decisions.
  • Enjoy an introduction to the many aspects of campus life, including social life, finances, and more.

Registration Process

All of the modules in the Voyage course are built on the foundations included in the first module: Who I Am. So, that's where you want to start! Click here to access Who I Am and unlock all remaining modules.